Sunday, March 8, 2009

Thinking about writing more about my thoughts ..........

Ah! New York!....

Well, I have to admit that NY is a real city full of movement, glass and cement. Been here is a new experience in my life. Left Mexico with basically giving up on friendship and the trust in other human beens. But hey! life is full of surprises and although friendship is not really  as important as is used to be in old times, witch I think friendship and human relations in general were stronger,  I don't want to aisle myself from everyone. And although today is really really REALLY hard to find true friends I'm not giving up, I refuse to give up!

So here I am giving NY a chance to find it (ha ha ha ha ha not a really nice city to start in, but anyhow...)

And now as my class and my life, my trust in God, and the improvement of my skills start to unfold I'm truly exited for the future.......... and the finding of new friends and the touch of human warmth. 

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